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1997 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition

The University of Turin, Italy, hosted the world final on 9 October 1997.

For the first time, awards were presented at the world finals for the best memorial, donated by Prof. Stephen Gorove, and for the best oralists, donated by the Law Offices of Sterns and Tennen.

The 1997 problem, Case Concerning Commercial Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Systems (Openskey v Antipapadia), was written by Dr. Paul Henry Tuinder (the Netherlands), Mr. Marco Ferrazzani (Italy) and Frans von der Dunk (the Netherlands).

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University of Paris XI (France)
Ranjani Srinivasan, Jean Francois Renaud and Amine Lachaani


University of North Carolina (United States)
Christina Benson and Scott Syfert

Best Memorials, Eilene Galloway Award

University of Paris XI (France)

Best Oralist, Sterns and Tennen Award

Ranjani Shrinivasan (France)
Christina Benson (United States)

Judging the World Finals

Judge Abdul G. Koroma (Sierra Leone)
Judge Francisco Rezek (Brazil)
Judge Vladlen S. Vereshchetin (Russia)

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