50th IISL Colloqium
1 October 2007

The 50th IISL Colloquium with the theme of 'Touching humanity: space for improving quality of life' was held from 24-28 September 2007 in Hyderabad, India. A total of 82 papers were accepted for the five sessions. Approximately 22 papers were withdrawn, and 9 were summarised by others.

The following sessions were held:

E6.1. The Impact of Outer Space Law on Regional Policies / Chairs: Paul Larsen, Rapporteur: V. Gopala Krishnan
E6.2. Legal Issues of Private Spaceflight and Space Tourism / Chairs: MYS Prasad and Frans von der Dunk, Rapporteur: Mehmood Pracha
E6.3. New Legal Developments in the Protection of the Space Environment / Chairs: VS Mani and Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Rapporteur: Martha Mejia-Kaiser
E6.4. Legal Aspects of Satellite Applications: Navigation and Remote Sensing / Chair: G. Catalano Sgrosso, Rapporteur: Suresh Kibe
E6.5. The 40th Anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty, and Other Legal Matters/ Chair: Ram Jakhu, Rapporteur: Ranjana Kaul

A Scientific/Legal Roundtable was held with the subject 'Google Earth et al. - Pros and Cons of an Easier Access to Satellite Images', co-chaired by Wendell Mendell and Frans von der Dunk.

The IISL Plenary Event on "New Space Industry Actors in the Global Market Place" had been coordinated by Werner Balogh with the President, and was moderated by Indra Heed.

There also was a joint IAF/IISL/IAA Plenary Event on 'The United Nations and Space: Looking forward to the second half century of space activities' at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the space age and the treaty's 40th anniversary. Kai-Uwe Schrogl was in charge of the coordination with IISL.

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